Cliddesden Millennium Village Hall

A Performance by the Cliddesden Players


Cliddesden Players present two one-act plays:

'The Real Inspector Hound' by Tom Stoppard

Two theatre critics, Moon and Birdboot, are reviewing a performance of a country house murder mystery: A dead body is found at Muldoon Manor in Essex, the radio announces a madman is on the loose, and soon Inspector Hound shows up at the scene of the crime. But is he the real Inspector Hound?

Moon and Birdboot become involved in the on-stage action and their private lives (professional jealousy, infidelity) become inextricably mixed with those of the play's characters, as they become trapped in the play.

The play is centred around a spoof of Agatha Christie's 'The Mousetrap'. Don't be fazed by the elements of absurdism, just suspend your disbelief and enjoy the wonderful dialogue, the humour and try to guess "who-done-it"!

Photos from the event. Click on a photo for a larger image:

The Real Inspector Hound - Birdboot and Moon The Real Inspector Hound - Inspector Hound arrives The Real Inspector Hound - Magnus is Albert The Real Inspector Hound - The corpse is spotted The Real Inspector Hound - Your bid simon

'The Last Bread Pudding' by Nick Warburton

This clever comedy revolves around the committee of an amateur drama group, meeting to discuss a new play written by one of its members. We notice that, strangely, the way the meeting is presented to us seems to be reflecting the ideas that the committee members are suggesting forward for the play. So life appears to mirror drama - or does drama mirror life?

With a touch of surrealism, tongue-in-cheek (and occasionally adult) dialogue and irreverence towards what makes a good play, 'The Last Bread Pudding', is as unexpected as its title!

Photos from the event. Click on a photo for a larger image:

The Last Bread Pudding - Denise in full flow The Last Bread Pudding - Oh yes they do The Last Bread Pudding - The play takes shape The Last Bread Pudding - You have to have a good set


Friday 21st May 2010

Saturday 22nd May 2010


Cliddesden Millennium Village Hall